How to apply for driving school license R.T.O.Kerala

  Application for driving school license is to be submitted in form 12 to the nearest Sub.R.T.Office/R.T.Office within whose jurisdiction the proposed driving school is going to be located. The total fee to be remitted for a driving school license is Rs 3000/- which includes a fee of Rs 2500/- and a service charge of Rs 500/- The application shall be accompanied by the following documents, namely,
(a)    the original receipt of the fee remitted;
(b)    the ownership certificate or rent agreement of the building/space in which the driving school is proposed to be started;
(c)    copy of the certificate showing the qualification of the instructor of the school;
(d)    consent letter of the instructor;
(e)    sketch of the rooms and parking area of the school;
(f)     copy of the documents used for teaching purpose;
The applicant is requested to contact the motor vehicle inspector of the area concerned and ascertain the details of the arrangements to be made for establishing a driving school and for teaching the  students of a driving school.

After receiving the application, the licensing authority will conduct a detailed enquiry through the motor vehicle inspector of the area and if satisfactory report is received regarding the arrangements made for the school, the driving school license will be issued 


  1. Sir, Thank you very much for providing these information. Can you provide a format of consent letter of the instructor to be submitted for starting a new driving school ? Who the letter should be addressed to ? The RTO or to the owner of driving school ?

  2. There may be some prescribed format for that. I do not know that. Please contact any officers directly and ascertain the details. Phone numbers of different officers can be known from the link

  3. There may be some prescribed format. I do not know. Please enquire with any officers of the Motor Vehicles Department. Their phone numbers can be known from the link:


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