Vehicle registration

As per Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, no motor vehicle shall be driven any public place without valid registration. Application for registration shall be made before the Registering Authority in whose jurisdiction the applicant normally resides or has his place of business. The application shall be accompanied by the following documents:

1)      Application if form 20
2)      Sale certificate issued by the dealer in form 21
3)      Valid insurance certificate
4)      Road worthiness certificate in form 21 issued by the manufacturer
5)      Certificate in from 22  issued by the manufacturer in the case of a body built by a body builder other than the manufacturer
6)      Address proof
7)      Copy of the design approval in the case of a Semi Trailer
8)      Original sale certificate in form 21 in the case of an ex-army vehicle
9)      Temporary registration, if any
10)   Pencil print of chassis number
11)   Customs clearance certificate in the case of an imported vehicle
12)   Receipt of fee paid

      A temporary registration certificate which is normally valid for 7 days is issued to a new vehicle so as to facilitate the movement of the vehicle to the place of registration. In the case of a vehicle for which a body has to be constructed the validity of the temporary registration shall be 30 days. The application for temporary registration has to be made in form 20 and the fee for the same is Rs 50.00.

    Validity of temporary registration certificate issued to body built vehicle will be extended to another 30 days if application for the same is made before the expiry of the existing validity. Fee of extension of temporary registration is Rs 50.00. Extension of temporary registration will not be allowed for other vehicles for which no body has to be built.